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Life Insurance

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TOP INSURANCE - Life Changing Plan in Cyprus!


The Prime Life Plan is a uniquely flexible unit-linked life insurance plan that allows conversions throughout its life to be perfectly tailored to your personal needs and aspirations as they change over time.

The Prime Life Insurance Plan can be life-changing! More specifically, it can be the ideal solution for educational capital planning, for accumulating emergency capital, for planning additional retirement income or even for a significant reduction in the income tax you pay.

The possibility of being surrounded by a series of additional benefits gives the Insured the right to create a global shield of protection from the most common to the most burdensome risks that each of us faces.

Perhaps the most essential characteristic of its investment nature is the Insured’s choice to move easily among the various funds that Prime has available to protect the investment from adverse economic market conditions or to seek high returns when he judges that the market outlook is positive. Conditions for joining the scheme are that you are 2 – 65 years old, have a generally good state of health and can pay the minimum amount of €55 per month or €550 per year.

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In its simplest form, the Prime Life Insurance Plan offers you insurance coverage at the level you choose, while at the same time you have the option to add the following supplementary life, health, and accident benefits available from Prime, thus creating an insurance plan completely tailored to your own personal insurance needs:

  • Additional Life Insurance Coverage
  • Wide hospital coverage – Medisyn
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Permanent full disability
  • Occupational Permanent Full Disability
  • Accidental Death
  • Accidental Death or Disability
  • Accidental Medical Expenses
  • Hospital Allowance
  • Temporary Full Disability
  • Income Insurance


With the Prime Life Insurance Plan you can choose between four investment funds, which cover a very wide range of investment expectations:


It is aimed at people who do not like investment risk. Prime Insurance guarantees that the redemption price of this fund will never be lower than the immediately previous one.


It is aimed at people who choose low-risk investments.


It is aimed at those who prefer moderate risk in exchange for possible higher medium-term returns.


It is aimed at those who are ready to accept high risk in exchange for possible high long-term returns.

Top Insurance | Charalampos Agathanggelou


  • Possibility of 10 – 45 year duration
  • Entry age 2 – 65 years
  • Minimum monthly fee of €55
  • Minimum insurance coverage €2000
  • Possibility of automatic adjustment of fee and capital 2 – 7%
  • Possibility to participate and move to any fund of the company


  • 102% investment when the annual fee is over €1700
  • 101% investment when the annual fee is €1000 – €1700
  • 0.75% bonus units on the 5th anniversary of the following year on the total number of units credited to the insurance policy, regardless of the fee.


If one or more of the following interests you and you are currently healthy, then the Prime Life Plan is definitely for you:

  • Ability to create a Life Insurance protection package for you and your family, perfectly tailored to your own special needs and capabilities
  • Accumulation of capital for emergencies
  • Planning to accumulate funds for studies
  • Retirement income supplement
  • Income tax reduction
  • Potential for high returns
Top Insurance | Charalampos Agathanggelou
Alternative Investment Plans

Prime Choice Plan

The Prime Choice Plan is a flexible Life Insurance Investment Plan linked to units of the Company’s internal funds (unit-linked). The main objective of the plan is to give an opportunity / option to the Prime customer to create a combination of investment and life insurance cover at a comparatively lower total fee as the basic plan to which the medical card and all additional benefits can be added.
  • On the twentieth (20th) anniversary of the Policy and on each subsequent annual anniversary, a number of additional Units (bonus units) are allocated to the Policy, which is determined as a percentage of the Policy Units that are then credited to the Policy. This percentage is shown in the Table and is guaranteed.
  • With the PRIME Choice Plan, the insured has the option of choosing between one or more investment funds available from the Company.
Top Insurance | Charalampos Agathanggelou


The Additional Benefits offered by the Company can be selected and included in the Basic Insurance Policy. In case the insured event occurs, there are additional coverages and are paid either simultaneously with the basic benefit or separately, provided that the basic policy is in force.

Simple Life Insurance
Death by Accident
Accidental Death and Permanent Disability
Exemption from Payment of Insurance Fees
Exemption from Payment of Insurance Fees of the Policy holder
Permanent full disability
Temporary Full Disability from Accident
Critical Illness Insurance
Income Insurance
Medical Expenses from an accident
Hospital Allowance
MEDISYN Hospital Card

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the fees I pay exempt from Income Tax?
The fees payable are tax exempt under the following conditions: (a) The tax exemption depends on the rate at which you are taxed. (b) The insurance cover should be 15 times the annual fees. Insurance fees related to Medical Care are subject to a deduction from Income Tax up to the amount of 1.5% of earnings. (c) Insurance fees payable together with contributions to the Social Insurance Fund and approved Pension and Health Funds must not exceed 1/5 of the taxable income. (d) Since 2002 the life insured and the owner must be the same person.

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