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Building Insurance

Jointly Owned Buildings
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The Jointly Owned Building Insurance

Addressed to Management Committees and Building Owners that consist of more than 5 units.

Many were the problems presented to the owners or occupants of an apartment building from the lack of insurance coverage or from the existence of separate insurances for each unit

These problems were corrected by the Real Estate (Possession, Registration and Valuation) Law (CHAP. 224), according to which the Management Committee of every Apartment Building or other Jointly Owned Building has an obligation to maintain an insurance for the entire Jointly Owned Building for its rebuild value.


Top Insurance | Charalampos Agathanggelou
Top Insurance | Charalampos Agathanggelou

With the Jointly Owned Building Insurance, a comprehensive insurance of the Apartment Building or other Shared Building is provided as well as the option to insure the various legal responsibilities related to the building and its management.

What does the Jointly Owned Building Insurance offer?

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Lightning strike
Earthquake, volcanic eruption
Flooding, storm, cyclone, tornado
Water leakage, liquid fuel leakage
Riot, strike, lockout, labor unrest
Malicious acts
Falling trees, branches
Falling of antennas, radio-television and satellite installations, masts, towers and panels of solar water heaters and photovoltaics
Crashing into the building and falling aircraft
Removal of rubble, demolition, expert fees
Theft, attempted theft with actual, forceful and violent trespassing
Locating and Accessing
Emergency entry into the building
Short Circuit
Glass and hygiene parts
Accidental damage
Damage to cables or underground services
Garden Furniture in open spaces
Furniture in open areas
As the owner or manager of the building
Members of the management committee
From a fire in a neighboring property
Legal responsibility of unit owners
NotesBasic coverageOptional coverage
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Jointly Owned Building Insurance