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Employers' Liability

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Employers' Liability Insurance in Cyprus

Cypriot Legislation

According to the Labor Legislation of the Republic of Cyprus, it is stated that all employers operating in the Republic of Cyprus are obliged (from 01/11/1997) to have insurance coverage with an authorized and licensed Insurance Company for their liability in the event of an accident or occupational disease encountered by any of its employees and which may have been caused by and during his employment.

What does employer insurance cover?

The minimum compensation limits required by the law are as follows:

  • Limit for each employee €160,000
  • Limit per event or series of events €3,415,000
  • Total limit for each insurance period €5,125,000

The above compensation limits may not be sufficient given the ever-increasing claims and damages currently being awarded, so we offer the option of increasing the compensation limits provided that we assume the risk and offer such increased limits to the employer’s satisfaction.

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Employers' Liability